Superior Comfort Control

Indoor Unit Quiet Operation-                                                   Outdoor Unit Quiet Operation-
Sound levels are reduced by 2-3 decibels from the low                Sound levels can be reduced by 3 decibels
fan speed for quieter and gentler heating and cooling.                 for times when quieter operation is needed.

Auto Fan Speed-                                                                        Automatic Operation-
To reduce operating sound and power consumption,                   For unattended year-round comfort, this function
the fan speed is automatically controlled by the micro-                 allows the unit to automatically switch between
processor to suit the thermostat setting and prevailing                 heating and cooling modes as required.
room temperatures.                                                

Hot Start-                                                                                     Program Dry Function-
When the heating operation starts or when the unit                     This gives priority to reducing the level of humidity
changes from cooling to heating there is no cold                          in the room rather than room temperature.
draft released into the room.                                        

Intelligent Eye-
              The intelligent eye is an infrared sensor with the ability to sense movement in the room.
             When you are in the room, the air conditioner operates normally. If you leave the room for
         More than 20 minutes the air conditioner automatically changes to and energy-saving operation.
      Using the intelligent eye, savings of up to 20% in cooling and up to 30% in heating can be achieved.

Lifestyle Convenience

Econo Mode-                                                                              Leave Home Operation-
Econo Mode limits the maximum operating current                       Select this energy saving function when leaving the
and power consumption of the outdoor unit by                             house and the air conditioner will operate at a
approximately 30% during start-up. This saves energy                pre-selected temperature. Your home can then be
and reduces the load on the electrical circuit when                      warmed or cooled much quicker upon your return.
multiple electrical devices are used simultaneously.                     It can also be used to record your preferred settings.

Powerful Operation-                                                                  Indoor Unit On/Off Switch-
Pushing the POWERFUL button on the remote control                A convenient on/off switch on the indoor unit allows
gives you a boost in heating or cooling power for a                      you to start up the system even if you have misplaced
20-minute period, even if the unit is already operating                 the remote control or the batteries are exhausted.
at high capacity.                                                

Comfortable Airflow

Wide-Angle Louvers-                                                                Vertical Auto-Swing (up and down)-
Smoothly curved wide-angle louvers provide wide                        The vertical auto-swing automatically sweeps the air
airflow coverage for effective heating and cooling no                   across the room in an up and down motion. When the
matter where the indoor unit is placed in the room.                      is switched off, the louvers close automatically.        

Dual Flap System-                                                                      Horizontal Auto-Swing (left and right)-
This unique system directs warm air to the floor in                       Automatically moves to ensure an even distribution of  
winter and cool air across the room in summer for                       air throughout a room.                
maximum efficiency and comfort. The large flap governs                
airflow direction while the small flap (or diffuser) swings,                  
3-D Airflow-        
producing fine air currents that help circulate the air                    Combines vertical and horizontal auto-swing to circulate
around the room.                                                                          cool/warm air to the corners of large spaces.

 Comfortable Mode-
      The new flap changes the delivery angle to horizontal for cooling and vertical for heating operation,
                               to prevent cold or warm air from blowing directly onto your body.